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Alkaline Vegan Dr Sebi Bundle: 3 Books in 1 HEAL ANY DISEASE (LIMITED TIME OFFER) (TODAY ONLY)

Alkaline Vegan Dr Sebi Bundle: 3 Books in 1 HEAL ANY DISEASE (LIMITED TIME OFFER) (TODAY ONLY)

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This eBook bundle comes with 3 of our most sought after eBooks on the market! In these 3 books you will learn how to thrive on the alkaline plant based diet (build muscle, remove mucus, cleanse your body, eliminate toxins) because we have a Dr Sebi natural remedies book, an alkaline vegan cookbook, and an alkaline vegan meal plan eBook.

With combining these 3 eBooks together, it creates a full 360 on not only how to heal your body with herbs and natural remedies, but how to build your body back up with everything from grocier store list, to hidden food/herb knowledge, to full on recipes and full day's of eating with the macros listed, and so much more!

Below we will list each book and what it has to offer


- 35+ Pages (more being added every week!)
- 15 Full Meal Recipes
- 5 High Protein Full day of Eating's (bulking, cutting, maintain, detox, revitalization)
- Master The Balance of Eating alkaline Plants to Build TONS Of Muscle



38+ pages

- All of Dr Sebi & Holistic Healers Hidden Information

- 50+ natural remedies

- Replace fake Supplements with real natural remedies & herbs

-Protect your health against the chemicals we have been programmed to use in our toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, and even cleaning supply's


There are many cookbooks online..

but only a select few cookbooks are Dr Sebi Alkaline Plant based Approved cookbooks…

You cannot find this type of ebook or knowledge/experience all in one place…

- 80 pages

- 45+ Recipes

- 15+ High Protein Plant Based Meals


There are more pages being added to all of the eBooks on the weekly basis and you have not only lifetime access to these eBooks, but also to all the updates and added pages that get added.

all purchases are final due to this being an e-product. No refunds.



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