Eco Friendly

Our Packaging

Our Packaging at Fleming Fruit is made with 100% eco friendly composable, bio degradable, reused, and recycled material.

Every day we are innovating ways to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible. With these decisions, the cost on our end to make each product gets marked up by 50% and this makes our packaging cost very expensive, but our brand would rather lose out on profit than making more money and hurting the environment.

Every time you place an order at Fleming Fruit, you will never have to feel guilty about hurting the environment because we have spent the 100s of hours figuring out the logistics and eco system we needed, in order to get all of your packaging 100% environmental friendly.

Most other "holistic" Brands don't take these extra steps and are hurting the environment with their shipping, so when you shop with us you know you are doing good for yourself by ordering the health products you need to heal your body. without hurting the environment!

Fleming Fruit vs other brands

Most of the brands in the holistic food/herbal space are hurting the environment with their packaging...

They are using plastics like bubble wrap, plastic packaging tape, PVC, and so much more. They are also using metals, aluminum's, and many other highly harmful materials for the environment

The worst part is that they are shipping 100,000s of orders every month, so the amount of pollution and harm they are creating for the environment is unbelievable

One of the biggest seamoss brands that was featured on shark tank (won't name any names), uses plastic tape, plastic thermal packing, plastic ice packs, and metals for their jars.

At Fleming Fruit we will never tolerate this type of behavior to our planet as it is our first priority to heal the people and then second priority on how we can not harm the earth in the process of healing the people because we are all one!

Raw Herbs

All of our raw herbs are shipped in a 100% Kraft paper bags and then carefully placed into bio degradable poly mailer bags that is filled with wood shavings to ensure package safety.

When the package arrives at your doorstep, you can use the wood shavings in your package as a mulch for your garden and plants!

besides the carbon footprint of the transportation services of getting it from our warehouse to your doorstep, there is O harm done to the environment:)


Our Seamoss Gel was by far the hardest and most expensive investment our brand had to make in order to ensure our seamoss gel is stored and transported with 100% eco friendly materials.

Currently we use 100% American made recycled glass as our jars (so we reduce the footprint of transportation from china), and 100% recycled metal as our lids to our jars

then we carefully wrap your glass jar with cardboard "bubble wrap", place the jar into a cardboard box that is filled with wood shavings, and then place it in another box with wood shavings to ensure package safety.

After all of this we seal the package with paper water activated tape and ship it to your doorstep!

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Check Out Our Products!

Get What Your Body Needs!