Alkaline Academy

The all in one place where you will learn how to be apart of what Dr Sebi called "The Organic Family". You will not only learn the ways of the diet Dr Sebi put together and how to cleanse every cell in the body, but you will also learn how to build your dream physique, mindset, and strength, from the teachings of the CEO for Fleming Fruit: Noah Fleming...

Noah has been Alkaline plant based for 3 years and during that time he has accomplished a 500LBS squat, 300LBS Bench Press, 500 LBS Deadlift, all at only 155 LBS body weight building his dream physique and mental/internal health...

With the 50+ hour video course, 7 programs, and 8 bonuses on diet, workouts, natural remedies, mental health, and more that Noah put together after being alkaline plant based for over 3 years, you will learn the ways on how to optimize the body in every angle to eventually be able to have all 5 of your senses and anatomy of the body at its healthiest highest frequency state you have ever experineced in your life!


Learn The Alkaline Dr Sebi Way + How To Build Your Dream Body And Mind
13 Modules, 100+ Videos, 50+ Hours
7 Alkaline Vegan Muscle Building/Mental Health/Natural Remedies Programs
8 Bonuses To Make The Alkaline Vegan Lifestyle Easier



13 modules, 100+ video’s



Alkaline Cooking Demonstrations: learn how to cook five star alkaline vegan meals quickly and affordably!
Private Group Chat:
 24/7 access to an alkaline health expert and anyone else who joined the community
Alkaline Approved Food List:
the original Dr Sebi approved foods list to cleanse your body and build muscle at the same time! (banned everywhere on the internet)
Workout Video Demonstrations: video recordings of all the  essential workouts/compounds to easily learn how to perfect your form for safe & faster gains in the gym!
Plant Based Groceries List:
never have to make a grocer list again! All the Dr Sebi approved plant foods you need to build lots of muscle while saving time!
Affiliate Link:
 You'll get an affiliate link to help your friends to buy this course...Make 50% of the sale when someone buys the course after the full release 
 Personal Alkaline Plant Based Diet Plan:
get the diet plan of the CEO of Fleming Fruit who is Noah Fleming. Noah has been able to build a squat of 500 LBS, a bench of 300 LBS, and a deadlift of 500 LBS all at the weight of only 158 LBS from the SPECIAL alkaline diet plan he created (you can't find this anywhere on the internet)
Personal Meditation & Mental Health Methods:
 get the meditation/pure mental health routine that the CEO of Fleming Fruit created years ago and it completely changed his life and his 1,000s of clients! Fear, worry, and anything that creates stress internally will be learned how to used in a positive way for maximum mental health and longevity